Sunday, May 07, 2006

Presentation To College Ministry

What Is Agora Ministry?

The Greek agora, or market place, was where citizens could meet to discuss and debate topics of importance - a forum on life, faith, ethics, economics, politics and philosophy.

Seeks to inspire & train laypeople in the marketplace to live out and proclaim the Lordship of Christ over every domain of their life. No Sacred/Secular Divide.

A Bit Of History:

Started in September 2004, we have done public discussions on Lord of the Rings, Science, Da Vinci Code, Moral relativism, Politics In Malaysia, Christian Arts, Homosexuality, Movie reviews, Interfaith dialogues, Buddhism, Postmodernism, Finding God’s Will etc.

How Can We Help You In Following Jesus?
1. To be Transformed spiritually through the Renewing of our minds. – To think through issues of life, ethics, faith, beauty and culture through the perspective of God’s Word as a learning community (Romans 12:1-2)

2. To Integrate Our Vocation And Faith – Jesus is Lord not only in our hearts, but also Lord of our university, computer lab, libraries and movie theatre. Your area of study or work can be also a sacred calling. Be an ‘ordained’ lawyer, engineer, programmer, businessman, teacher, jazz musician for the glory of God.

3. Mission In Insitutions of Learning – To equip ambassadors for Christ with accurately informed mind, winsome character and artful conversations in the marketplace. ‘Little platoons’ of mercy and truth.

Look Forward To Working Together With You For The Kingdom!

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