Thursday, December 07, 2006

Our Reason For Being

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Our Reason For Being. It hosts a series of reflections that addresses the question of the meaning of life.

It is undeniable that we all have a deep-seated desire to make sense of life. Existential psychotherapies seek to help us find a meaning in life, a purpose to live for. But we do not seem to be satisfied with having just any reason for living. What is the whole point of being born only to die some time later? Human beings seem to have an innate need for the (not just a) meaning of life. Our heart seems to cry out for the purpose of our transitory existence in this world.

This series of reflections is written in response to this cry for meaning. It is an exposition of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes. You would be amazed how relevant this ancient piece of wisdom literature is to contemporary thinking and living. Ecclesiastes addresses our need for the meaning of life in a rather comprehensive, coherent and compelling manner. I invite you to take the journey to explore with me what this book has to say to us.

I hold a doctorate in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from the University of California, Los Angeles. I have been teaching a course on Ecclesiastes for more than ten years. I offer this exposition to you as a fellow pilgrim in search of our reason for being.

At the moment the reflections are offered in installments. The expected date for the upcoming installment is indicated.

The beginning of the journey is just this CLICK away.

Leong Tien Fock


Alex Tang said...

Dear Tien Fock,

Thank you for posting your meditations and learning on the blog that is free for all to access. I think that is very generous of you. The reason I mentioned this is that I noticed a disturbing trend that many Christian websites are restricting their resources to paying customers only.

Personally, I believe knowledge and learning should be free and we should be involved is a dialogue without the continual spectre of consumerism in the background.

Ecclesiates is my favourite book in the Bible canon and I look forward to interecting with it and with you on your blog.

Daud said...

ya! I luv those ministries who provide stuffs foc for the kingdom, esp for us in the Two-Thirds World la... was talking to KJ John on Monday abt such issues too. hehe.

:) My personal feeling is being 'plagiarised' is actually an honor and a compliment, hehe...

So guys, go ahead, ciplak those Da Vinci Code seminar vcds