Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Reason For Our Hope

Audio Sermon on 1 Peter 3:13-16 Giving The Reason For Our Hope can be downloaded here. We need to communicate the gospel clearly, lovingly and compellingly by being thoughtful, informed, honest and humble ambassadors for Christ. We embody the gospel with our lives and declare the gospel with our words. We need to show the world a community worth seeing and a faith worth thinking about.

Giving a Reason for Our Faith


Anonymous said...

I am delighted to hear this morning's sermon delivered in a clear and lucid manner by our brother David Chong. His erudite message is both informative and enlightening. I have always held on to the belief that a faith that does not question is a questionable faith. If we believe that our faith is the only faith that leads to the one and only true God then it has to be able to withstand the test of cross-examination by any honest and well meaning non-believer interested to know the truth. If we are able to defend our faith by sound and logical arguments grounded in the Scripture we will then have a faith that cannot be easily shaken by the false doctrines that surround and permeate us. The bible tells us to have the heart of a dove but the mind of a serpent. Apologetics is therefore not an option for a believer but a must. Thank you brother David for stirring our interest in the subject.

The Hedonese said...

A pleasure to discuss my favorite topic in CDPC too and glad to be relieved of my babysitting duties at the toddler's section!