Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mission In The Gospel Of John

CDPC camp in Cameron Highlands was themed "For Such A Time As This". There were 3 expositions on The Book Of Esther by Rev'd Ray Porter, Director of World Mission Studies at Oakhill College. He has pastored in Indonesia before and gave an insightful historical analysis of mission in Indonesia for faculty and students at malaysia Bible seminary. If you like to get a hold of the notes, email me at hedonese at yahoo dot com. But here's a exegetical paper on Mission in The Gospel Of John that I could gladly share online.

"Ray aims to see students able to communicate the scriptures into different cultures sensitively, with a passion for God and a love for people, both through the Theology and World Mission Course and in other lectures.

Ray's major ministries have been in two blocks of fourteen years with OMF: one in Indonesia where he pastored and established churches, and the other as a Regional Director in the UK where he has recruited and encouraged missionaries and mission support. Shorter slots have been as minister of a UK church and as New Testament lecturer at Belfast Bible College. He studied Mission at All Nations and has managed to accumulate eight years studying theology in Oxford. He is the only faculty member who preaches and has publications in Indonesian.

Ray is married to Janice and they live in St Neots. They have grown up twin daughters, Anne and Julia, and a son, Tom, who is at university."

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