Thursday, August 02, 2007

Social Justice In Malaysia : Doing Justice to Our Faith

by Tricia Yeoh Su Wen

Churchianity: The 'Church' as we see it today

In order to even begin any discourse on social justice, one must first analyse the frameworks that we use to see the world. The lenses that we put on ourselves have been commonly called “worldviews”, through which we make sense of all that is around us. This foundation then determines everything about what we believe and how we consequently behave and react, depending on the situations surrounding us. This is extremely imporstant as we examine the relevance and poignancy of the Church in Malaysia today.

Read on at Geng Salib, a youth project supported by the Agora.


Faith-With-You said...

Dear All,

I can said that most of churches can be false or non-false teaching, it is all depend on how your adapt the teaching (This applied to NECF/CCC/AOG/etc). No one can win the truth of Christ. Too many of the christians include the elders/pastors/bishops use science and wonder to justified Christ that is wrong even using theology. Many of them use these statements as a final conclusion.

I am one of the few chosen by God to justified that we must use our heart and ear to understand the God's commandment. Many christian failed to listen. It is to share out the Good News and Good Testimonies to everyone include the Jews. Have anyone of us recall the Jews? Many of them forget about the Jews (God chosen People) and many go for the Gentiles.

It is time for all the christians to wake up and walk with the Lord and follow the commandment (not follow the commandment of leaders). The time is getting close, only christian who do the Father's Will shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

God Bless whom the person listen the Lord!

In Christ, We are Equals said...

Bro. Steve Peter H S Kok,

All Christians have been chosen by God and could listen to God's commands by his word. Thank you!