Thursday, August 16, 2007

Merdeka Statement

The Merdeka Statement reaffirms and recognises the basic building blocks of nationbuilding i.e. the Social Contract, the Rukunegara and the Federal Constitution. These are the bedrock foundations that enabled the nation to live in peace and harmony and to make quantum progress.

Nevertheless, in envisioning the future of Malaysia for the next 50 years, we need to
be bold yet pragmatic, idealistic yet realistic, recognizing the multi-racial and multireligious fabric of Malaysia living in a globalised competitive world.

To progress the nation must accept change for change is a constant in the life of
any nation or civilisation. Yet in seeking change, we accept that change needs to
preserve our unity and harmony and not be radical or revolutionary but incremental
and evolutionary.

In putting forward these Eight Strategic Thrusts in the Merdeka Statement, we do not
seek to confront but to seek consensus and build bridges. The Merdeka Statement
is not a set of demands. It is non-confrontational. It sets out the aspirations of a
large number of Malaysians who want to contribute positively and constructively to
the process of nation-building. Hopefully, it will generate healthy debate on the Road Ahead.

Let us celebrate our harmony and unity in diversity. Selamat Merdeka. Salam

Dato’ Dr. Michael Yeoh, CEO
Asian Strategy & Leadership Institut

Download the Merdeka Statement

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