Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Steely Zest For Life

It was a humbling experience the first time we met Carol and got to know about her trust in the Lord and courage to take on the challenges of life. She is a heaven-sent miracle right in front of our eyes. Here is an excerpt from New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR: She was born with brittle bone disease, and doctors warned her parents she would not live long. But even as a baby, Carol Rasiah was a fighter.

Now 35 years old and confined to a wheelchair, she radiates joy for living and gutsy determination.

A part-time writer and small businesswoman, she says the most painful experience in her life was missing out on a formal education. There were not many schools for the disabled in her youth.

"Even when I had the opportunity to go to school, the teachers were afraid to deal with my physical condition," says Rasiah.

She has the rare bone disease osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic disorder which causes weakened bones that fracture and break easily. In its more severe form it can prevent growth and lead to malformed bones and breathing difficulties.

Rasiah earns a living running a small sweets shop, and she contributes articles on her perspective on life to international magazines. She’s a part-time volunteer with the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled in SS2, a training centre and residence. She dreams of taking computer and journalism classes.

Despite the many challenges she faces on a daily basis, pity is not a word in her lexicon.

"I don’t believe in sympathy. I believe the disabled and the able should live together as one community. I understand that sometimes able-bodied people feel uncomfortable, and also that not all disabled people can communicate well, but that can be changed," she said.

She was attending Petaling Jaya City Hall’s International Disabled Persons’ Day celebrations.


alwyn said...

Remarkable...meetings between 'challenged' people and 'un-challenged' usually end up with the latter being more blessed, more 'real', taking a more matured stances in life.

jacksons said...

Hey I know Carol, she is a fighter man! She gets what she wants and never wait for any one. Sometimes, I forget she is disabled - infact, we really need to come up with a better word describe her.

The Hedonese said...

Of course la, bro.. you fetch her to church ma... hehe..

Alwyn is rite, I never felt the church more reflective of the image of God as when there is diversity in races and also when wonderful persons like Carol and Christina's frends from Malaysian Care are worshipping together