Tuesday, December 12, 2006

iBridge HeadStart

Friends, especially those who just graduated in the past 4 years. Please forward it to your friends as well.

What is Headstart?
It is a small group that meets together to discuss transition from a student life to the working world. Topics includes dealing with work pressure, office politics, work culture and lifestyle changes, relating to parents, adopting back to church life, true Christian community, being salt and light in the marketplace and finding true friends…

Besides this, probably the most important part of headstart ministry lies in the friendship that is built among the group members. Prayer and accountability are integral part of the group.

Who organizes this group?
This Headstart program is organized by iBridge (www.TakeTheLeap.org), a ministry of Graduates Christian Fellowship (GCF), a sister organization of FES and SU. We are a Inter Denominational ministry.

How often does the group meet?
Once a month for 12 times (1 year). Some groups have a spiritual retreat half way through the program. After 1 year, the group ends… but the friendship definitely carries on. Please note that once the group starts, no new members are allowed into the group.

Who should join?
Those who have graduated less than 4 years ago. So if you have graduated this year or last year or up to 4 years ago, then you should join.

Where does the group meet?
The group meets in a house setting. We start groups all over Malaysia depending if there are any request.

Who will lead the group?
Each group will be led by 2 leaders (facilitators) who are matured and capable to handle the group. Usually, the leaders themselves have been through headstart or some senior people who have been very involved with young graduates ministry.

Past Figures
In the past 5 years, we have started more than 28 groups in Klang Valley, Ipoh, Penang and Melaka. More than 200 members have attended this headstart groups and nearly 60% attended the whole program. If you are planning to join Headstart, please make this a priority.

Do I have to pay to join the group?
No, it is free.

How do I join?
Contact James Daniel at vjd@tm.net.my

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