Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Skip A Meal Today!

Half the world — nearly 3 billion people — live on less than two dollars a day
The hunger statistics will only increase without us, the more privileged lot, taking action.

Skip breakfast : RM 10 - Will give 2 Orang Asli children three decent meals a day
Skip lunch : RM 20 - Will feed 5 Orang Asli children three meals a day
Skip dinner : RM50 - Will provide an entire year’s worth of lunch for a North Korean child

For the second time round, World Vision is starting this hunger movement again, urging you and I to take action starting from ourselves, in acting against world’s poverty.

The Skip-A-Meal Campaign (sign up here) channels the money you are going to save from skipping just one meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner - to provide a steaming bowl of rice or noodles to a starving, tired child in Sabah or North Korea. This year, students from HELP Institute College of Technology has taken the lead in responding to this kind act. Let’s join them! You, yes YOU! have a chance to put a smile on the faces of the children in need. We encourage you to take a meal-off today - your small sacrifice will be able to make a HUGE difference!

Just skip a meal today and invite your friends to join you in this simple, yet impactful act!

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