Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Political Analysis

We have plenty of news these days but very little analysis or well-reasoned interpretation of what these events might mean. Much soundbites, little insights.

To fill this gap, Kian Ming and Oon Yeoh have already posted 25 episodes of political analysis podcasts on WebmobTV: "where we cut through the crap to give you real insights"

Check it out fast:
"Currently there is much heated debate over whether Dr Mahathir Mohamad or Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is more to blame for the various woes that afflict the country.

Our perspective is that Dr M's misdeeds were sins of "commission" while Pak Lah's were that of "omission". The former caused much institutional damage but the latter failed to fix the mess he inherited although he was given a huge mandate to do so."

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