Monday, January 21, 2008

Postmodernism And The Emerging Church

As part of our continuing engagement with contemporary issues facing the church today, Dr Clive Chin, Coordinator of Theology Department at the School of Theology (English) will be conducting two lecture/discussion sessions entitled "Postmodernism and the Emerging Church." In the first session, Dr Chin will do a brief introduction to postmodernity, both in its popular and academic orientations, as background to discussing the Emerging Church Movement, particularly expressed in the writings of Brian McLaren.

The second session will involve a critical review of Brian McLaren's views, both strengths and weaknesses, on postmodern philosophy, culture, their impact on the evangelical church.

Make a date with us tomorrow and the week after, and bring your friends along.

Session One: Tuesday 22 January 2008
Session Two: Tuesday 29 January 2008
Time: 10.10 am - 11.00 am
Room: Blk 3, Level 3 Multipurpose Hall (Spore Bible College)

Warm regards
Dr Calvin Chong
Academic Dean
School of Theology (English)

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