Tuesday, January 29, 2008


February 23 – 6 September, 2008 at GLO School, Taiping

Residential Course comprising 28 weeks of Studies & Practicum for Mission in GLO Training School, Taiping

Personal Relation with God for Ministry Formation

1.Devotional Life and Spirituality for Mission
2.Understanding One’s Personality Traits, Work Styles and Conflict Resolution
3.Integration between Ministry, Church, Family, Continuing Development and Interpersonal Relationships
4. Mission in the 21st Century: the Changing Trends and Impact on the Function, Role and Ministerial Approaches

God’s Truth & the Bible
Biblical Studies:

1. Reading & Understanding the Bible in Multi-Cultural Perspectives
2. Missional Basis in the Bible & Developing a Theology of Mission
3. Mission Ministry in Luke-Acts: A Study in Comparative Approaches
4. Understanding Jesus’ Parable of the Kingdom

Christian Mission & Ministry

1. Missionary Life & Work: A Biographical Study
2. History of Asian Christianity & the Asian Assemblies: Opportunities and Challenges
3. Understanding the World’s Major Religions: A Comparative Study
4. Evangelism in Different Contexts & Social/Community Actions as Evangelism
5. Apologetics and Pluralism in Multi-Cultural Society
6. Church Planting & Dynamics of Church Growth: Concepts and Strategies (local & cross-cultural)
7. Expository Preaching, Story Telling & Communications Skills
8. Philosophy of Religion & Competing Worldviews
9. Patterns of Discipleship Making: The Contemporary Challenges & Recent Developments
10. Confronting Culture and Contemporary Issues for Ministry and Mission
11. Specific Skills Ministry Development: Sunday School, Young People, Young Adults, Young Couples, Migrant Work, the Disable and Handicap, Creative Arts Ministry, the Terminally Ill, Counseling, etc

REGISTRATION: Open to all who have put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and are desirous of equipping themselves in evangelism and mission by applying themselves in the Word of God and ministry. Registration is open until January 31, 2008 for all believers intending to attend this programme. For those intending to attend on part time basis or individual subjects, application should be made before the closing date above for facilitating and planning of the relevant programme and subjects. A prescribed pre-application form is attached herewith or available directly from the GLO Training School office at No. 204, Jalan Taming Sari, 3400 Taiping or email – glomal@streamyx.com. You are required to fill in this form and send it directly to the Principal, GLO Training School.

COSTS: The cost for full board and lodging for the residential programme is RM300 per month or RM 80 per week for the duration of the course.

CONTACT PERSONS: for this programme is any one of the following persons:
(1) School Chairman: Sung Lai Su, h/p 012-5886162 – laisusung@yahoo.com;
(2) Principal, Eugene Yapp, h/p 012-2921474 – glomal@streamyx.com;

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