Saturday, December 29, 2007

Events In 2007

As we approach the end of 2007, it is time to take stock of what Agora had been up to this year, and give thanks to the Lord for the opportunities and imperfect achievements... And also as we look ahead at 2008, here are some questions that our Pastors would like to pose to us:

What is the one thing the team is doing right?

What is one thing needs improvement?

What further resources needed so that the ministry can be carried out even better?

"City Discipleship Presbyterian Church is a disciple-making church which multiplies disciples who influence and impact Klang Valley and beyond for CHRIST."

True discipleship will be evident through the impact in their spheres of influence. Agora ministry exists to create awareness amongst Malaysian Christians in a simple, engaging and winsome manner how the all-encompassing biblical worldview intersects with the various contemporary issues in the marketplace. We seek to work in partnership with churches and other organizations in the Christian community to demonstrate the Lordship of Christ in different spheres of life, trying to bridge the gap between Sunday School and Seminary, connecting a network of believers who take both the cultural mandate and great commission seriously to the glory of God and common good of our communities.

Events In 2007

Open Seminar/Talks on
i. “How Would Jesus Think?” and “Renewing Our Minds” (Dave at Uni Malaya – Jan 2007)
ii. Homosexuality (Ps Edmund Smith of Real Love Ministry - March 07),
iii. “Have We Lost Our Mind?” (Dave at Community Baptist Youth group - June 07),
iv. Social Justice by Tricia Yeoh (July 07),
v. “The Gospel and the tasks of the Church” (Agora Penang was launched on August 07),
vi. “Caring For The World: racial reconciliation, apologetics and integration of faith and marketplace.” (Dave at Emmanuel EFC youth camp – Sept 07)
vii. “Christian Apologetics” (Dave at Uni Kebangsaan Malaysia, PERKEB – Oct’ 07)
viii. “Challenges Of Our Generation” (Dave at Uni of Nottingham CF – Nov ’07)
ix. “Christian Worldview: The Big Questions, Dualism, Relativism & Understanding The Times” (Dave at D’Nous Academy camp held at Seminari Teologi Malaysia, Dec ’07)

b. Agora Penang had our inaugural meeting "The Gospel and the tasks of the Church" in Aug 07. Thanks to Yew Kong, Steven, Joanne and others! In April 2007, David assisted the Novus ministry team at the Habitude graduation camp in Malaysia Bible Seminary campus, Rawang. John Chung helped to organize a movie night with the Novus students, watching “Amazing Grace” the life of William Wilberforce and inspire some of them to pursue social justice as Christians in Nov 07

c. Initiated an online Book Project “Rebels For The Cross” - a book by youths and for youths in Malaysia. Works on volunteer basis. (Thanks to Keropok Lekor and gang for the vision! We can do it in 2008)

d. Monthly book study Total Truth initiative with OHMSI, involving different churches and vocations to develop biblical worldview. Work closely with OHMSI in promoting events/projects and a successful launch of “Was Jesus Political?” conference in Sept 2007.

e. Helped Grace@Work organize Preaching seminar at Antioch Center, Kota Damansara in Jan ’07.

f. Joshua Woo, David, Agora Singapore friends and Godlief Wesley took part in RZIM Reasonable Faith 2007 camp in Melaka. Met up with John Dickson, Stuart McAllister, Iching, Brian and team, learn about doing movie discussion, historical Jesus, Islam and pluralism.

g. Dave took part in the launch of “Young Disciples Of Jesus” youth ministry launch in Sept 2007.

h. Cahaya Nusantara, a Bahasa Malaysia blog, has also been launched for local believers. In March 2007, Agora translated two online articles into Bahasa Malaysia in response to the “Jesus Tomb” sensational news. It was an opportunity to engage with culture on an issue that draws attention to the death and resurrection of Christ.

i. Wrote an article for Multimedia university newsletter on “Racing Rats, Moving Cheese” (marketplace ministry) for the student fellowship in June 2007 and Graduate Christian Fellowship I-commentary on “Following Jesus In Marketplace”.

j. The team and Alicia helped to setup and oversee the church library.

k. Online forum grew to about 300 members and participation of contributors also increased.

l. Networked together with Andre Yee, Sovereign Grace, 9marks and Desiring God Ministry to translate articles into Bahasa Malaysia and Indonesia in a project called Open Source Mission which made use of wiki-powered technology. So far, half a dozen articles have been completed and a book translation in progress.

m. Planned seminars which were not successfully carried out – Therapeutic Arts, Gender Roles and Now That’s A Good Question! Did not have the chance to launch the evangelistic movie discussions as planned earlier in the year.

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