Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Designer Babies In Future?

Elise, a young camper I met at D'Nous Academy 2007, aspires to be a doctor and asked me over lunch on a Christian's perspective on genetic engineering - the vast potential of curing diseases related to genetic makeup, stem cell research, in vitro fertilisation etc.

Wilfred, a student at International Medical university, also suggested that maybe Agora could do a forum on "Nanotechnology". (Maybe not a bad idea, showing the film "Gattaca" in church but I had to search the net to understand what that is, cos the only time i heard of the term was in "Black Cat" animes!)

Taking the easy way out I promised them that I'd compile some online resources in the blog so here it is... Do let me know if they are good or not-so-good.

"Christians should be involved in discussions over science, technology, biotechnology, and medicine with all of their potentials and pitfalls. We have a role to play in shaping the future,and can be involved in technological discussions in a number of ways.

We can study to work as scientists and researchers who develop technologies while recognizing the sovereignty of God over all things.Christians must model appropriate and God-honoring utilization of technology, and we can engage the designers and developers of technology to argue for its wise creation, implementation, and use.
As citizens, we can participate in the political processes surrounding the
regulation and oversight of technology.

It is important that we recognize not only the threats that technology presents, but also the opportunities for obeying the cultural mandate that humans have been given by God. One theologian asserts, “the problem is not with technology itself but our lack of a moral framework that can tell us how rightly to resist and appropriate it.” Excerpt from Everyday Theology: How to Read Cultural Texts and Interpret Trends chapter on Human 2.0: Transhumanism as a cultural trend

More Related Resources:
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eliselise said...

hi david! thanks alot for answering my questions. I'll find time to read through those links =)

Dave Chang said...

Merry Christmas elise - hope u have fun reading 'em.

Alex Tang said...

hi dave and eliselise,

you may find some of the articles here useful.