Thursday, September 06, 2007


GospelTranslations, a vision birthed from Cahaya Nusantara network (The 'Eastern' face of The Agora that certain postmodernists would prefer to forget) is now online, translators are welcome to participate in this wiki-powered community project: "Our mission is to make gospel-centered resources accessible for Christians of every nation and language. We are a project of Open Source Mission, in partnership with several Christian publishers, and carried out by a world-wide community of volunteer translators.

Our hope is that by translating these resources into the many languages of global Christianity, and furthermore by distributing them for free online, we will be able to make a contribution toward the future health and growth of the church. To read more about this, check out our Mission Statement.

For other information, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, read about how our process works, or visit the Community Portals to see what's going on in your language." (Be patient with the links, Work in progress...)

Many thanks to the pioneer volunteers - Junia, Yenny, Saudara Jubilie Apin frm Sabah, Godlief, Ronald Oroh, Adi and others! Look forward to the collaboration for the gospel... in Indonesia, Malaysia and beyond.

Volunteers with a grasp of Bahasa Msia, Indonesia or Chinese may contact us at hedonese at yahoo dot com

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Lau said...

Hello, I am Lau from Penang, graduated in Japan and currently working in Tokyo.
I would like to express "syabas" for devoting your time and energy to translate gospel materials to Bahasa.

If I have time, I might consider registering myself as a translator, but my Bahasa is now rusty.

Keep up the good work.