Monday, September 10, 2007

OHMSI Launch

OHMSI was set up in 2004 with the goal to create frameworks for dialogue and engagement where followers of Jesus Christ and members of society become relevant and significant in the public spaces of national life.

But, is the Bride of Christ in Malaysia ready for this task of public space engagement? Can Christians be political without getting involved in party politics? What is the role of Christians on public issues and the related public policy dialogue? Are we an Islamic State? Can we evolve a Bangsa Malaysia? Who will fight corruption and for integrity? Whose responsibility is it to ensure the application of universal valuesIn the light of many challenges facing Malaysia, what is our role as Christians in Malaysia to continue to be the salt and light of the Gospel on these issues and concerns?

Register here today! Discover the historical Jesus, who is not only concerned about 'spiritual' issues (Roh) but also earthly issues (Dunia).

Suatu ketika C.S.Lewis mengatakan, "Jika anda membaca sejarah, anda akan menemukan bahwa orang-orang Kristen yang banyak berbuat untuk kehidupan di dunia ini adalah mereka yang sedar sepenuhnya akan kehidupan di dunia yang akan datang."

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