Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Cross and Union with Christ

The Cross - Thinking Theologically Conference

The Cross.
A crucified Saviour? A sacrificial Lord?
Why did Jesus have to die?
Was there any other way?
What does it have to do with my Christianity?
Does there really have to be this bloody death?
What was once the central teaching of Christianity is now a matter of question and debate in every decade, even within evangelical Christianity. Its up to us and every generation of Christians to understand for ourselves what God did for us when Jesus gave himself up to death. Can we possibly look to the Cross and see what God saw? Would Christianity be any different for us if we just accepted it but didnt fully understand it?

One thing is clear. The Cross, the Death of Gods Son, was a central event, not only in Christianity, but in human history that deserves our full attention and understanding.

This year the Gospel Growth Fellowship brings you the reason why our only comfort has to be in:

The Cross and Union with Christ
3 days of learning for yourself why Christ died.
Thinking Theologically Conference '09
21-23 Sept 2009
Empress Hotel, Sepang
Call Jeremy at 012-294 1116 or email

Introducing the Gospel Growth Fellowship

The Fellowship exists to promote, propagate and defend a gospel-centred existence for the church of Jesus Christ.

The church has never been free from the twin dangers of every wind of teaching (Eph 4:14) externally and men who will arise from your own number who will distort the truth (Acts 20:30). In our present age to speak thus seems unnecessarily 'negative' when in fact vigilance is seen in the New Testament to be a corollary of the gospel, for instance in the pastorals e.g. 2 Tim 1:12-15.

Thus in every generation, from the New Testament times, through to the Reformation, and even now when Evangelicals seem to have ascended to the heights of various institutions in 'leading' Evangelical nations like the United States of America, the call to remain faithful to the gospel is never rendered unnecessary.

Further, it is in this gospel-centredness that we are kept in Christ-centred, Christ-honouring ministry, a ministry that has true legitimacy founded as it is in the church's supreme Head and Chief Shepherd (see Rom 1:1-6 together with Rom 16:17-27).

Flowing from this raison d’être the fellowship serves the local church expressed in 4 basic objectives:
•Building Christians up in a Gospel-centred biblical literacy: faithful to the text, theologically sound and interpreted accurately in Christ

•Equipping Christians with the skills and thinking necessary for doing Gospel-centred word ministry

•Encouraging Christians to be committed to Gospel-centred service and leadership of the church

•Fostering mutual support amongst fellow-workers in Christ for perseverance in Gospel-centred ministry

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