Sunday, July 05, 2009

Christian Artists Showcase in KL!

Don't forget to catch Pastor Chong Keng Sen and other Christian artists at the MICAS / Here is a teaser:

Why care for creation if it is to be destroyed eventually (2 Peter 3:10-13)? Check out Peter Harris and the A Rocha inaugural conference this month on why Christians should be committed to environmental stewardship.

"Christian thinking and action has only recently begun to follow the biblical calling to care for God’s creation. However, now that this calling has been taken up all over the world, many opportunities for demonstrating the relevance of the Christian gospel to the challenge of sustainability have begun to emerge. At the same time, it has also become clear that something more than environmental education will be needed to halt the rapid degradation of habitats and their species. So at this time of challenge, how can the Christian church respond to the challenges, to God our Creator, and Jesus the Lord of Creation?"

I like Vinoth Ramachandran's answer. The new heaven and new earth is the old one renewed, restored and transformed. As God's redeemed people, we are to live as if the future is already present, as signs of the future eschatological reality in the here-and-now.

Sign up asap for this exciting conference to connect Christians in conservation!

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DC said...

Had a tough time finding the place but it was worth it :)

Friend said...

Ah... Wish I lived in KL/PJ! And that I belonged to CDPC!

Did a Regent College course called The Christian Imagination.
Wah. One of the highlights of my 2 years in Canada.

The main thing I remember is to see the Artist as gardener, who tends and serves through his/her art. So Art not as expression, nor for it's own sake, nor for abstract contemplation. Rather, artists should be like the self-giving Creator who offers himself through his creation. Or something like that lah...

Praying that it goes well...