Sunday, June 07, 2009

Marketplace Seminar

There's some upcoming talks, Marketplace Seminar

1. Ministry and social Engagement by Karin Ramachandra at 8pm, 11th June, FES Office

"Many fulltime workers and also graduates have a keen interest on social engagement but are unable to be invloved due to ministry or work. We are giving Karin time to explain some ways in which we could be involved even with our busy schedule."

2. Women and Leadership by Vinoth and Karin Ramachandra at 8pm, 12 June, FES Office

"We want to have a open discussion on the issue with Vinoth and Karin to give biblical basis on the issue."

3. Evangelising the Post modern student by Vinoth Ramachandra, 9am - 12pm, 13th June at FES Office.

"this is a morning seminar on ways to reach teenagers and also college/university students. What works in evangelism for post modern students?"

Marketplace Seminar: Vinoth and Karin 4. Church and Community by Vinoth and Karin, 8pm, 13th June at People Park Baptist .

"We find that many young graduates are struggling to fit in church and also in their transition in the working world. What are some factors to think about?"

Do come if you can or pass the word around. though they are public meetings,
if you know people who are interested. For the above sessions do ask them to email michael@fes. org. or phone Michael William (FES Church Relations Coordinator) (0122031425)

5. Respecting Persons In a Pluralistic Society by Vinoth and Karin, 3pm-5pm, 12th June at Katha Hall, Pusat Dialog, Univ. Malaya.

“People think about and value life in different ways. Some live for shopping and others seek martyrdom; some believe in human rights while others believe in ecological holism. Why are human persons worthy of respect, and what does it mean, in practice, to respect them? In a culturally and religiously diverse society, do we have to choose between endless conflict or mere co-existence? In this lecture I shall explore such questions. I argue for a way beyond both ‘theocracy’ and ‘secular tolerance’ towards an engaged, mutually interactive pluralism, and outline the personal and political implications for all of us.”

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