Sunday, February 17, 2008

Redefining Success For Malaysia

We all want Malaysia to be a successful nation, but what is the definition of success? This article from Sept 07 issue of Kairos magazine (written by Steven Wong) listed six acid test questions as we evaluate how 'successful' we are as a country.

"Nation Building - With or Without God?" From NECF: Most of us are used to thinking of history in linear terms, with a beginning, a middle course and a specific end. This view is actually based on the Judeo-Christian perspective Prior to Christianity, the Classical Greek thought supported a cyclical view, in which historical events were repeated over and over by consecutive societies. The Eastern view of history is quite the same. Even so, not everyone who adopts the linear view finds God in history.

The humanist believes that humans will continue to evolve upwards until they attain perfection and paradise, the perfect society. The Marxist believes that the dialectic of class struggle will eventually produce the classless society (communism), which is their version of the perfect society. Both ideologies are based on the theory of evolution which does away with God. On the contrary, Christians believe that God is active in history. George Bancroft, an eminent historian in the 19th century said, “Providence is the light of history and the soul of the world. God is in history and all history has a unity because God is in it.” The providential view of history is the correct view of history. The end of history, or His Story, is the resurrection and judgement and the eternal life beyond for those who believe.

One area we can very clearly see God at work in history is the march of the Gospel. God has determined the time for each nation to hear the Gospel. He directed Paul and his companions where they should preach and He is still directing missionaries today.

Do we see God’s hand on the nations, and on our nation too, or do we think God is interested only in Israel? Do we need to spend more time studying our nation’s history to see where God is leading our nation and the Church in Malaysia? Do we believe that we, in cooperation with God, have a role to play, a part in shaping history? Or do we think as like the humanists or Marxists that we are but helpless spectators in the inexorable march of history? Our belief will shape our action.

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