Thursday, February 21, 2008

Listening To The Voice Of Jesus

From Rachel: Dr Gordon Smith recently gave a 2 night seminar in Singapore based on his latest book: "Listening to the Voice of Jesus: On Prayer and Discernment". (Night 1 Message & Night 2 Message). These recordings were meant for those who were not able to attend and interested in Christian Spirituality & Spiritual Direction, thanks to the PA crew of True Way Presbyterian Church.

Dr Gordon Smith is the President of reSource Leadership International and the Former Dean of Regent College.


Stephen Tan said...

this is brilliant stuff!!!

Stephen Tan said...

he's funny at times but the crowd seems super stoned! Very good preaching! Excellent communicator!

Dave said...

:) hi stephen, what was the key take-away you derived from the session? I've nvr heard him preach, just read "courage n calling" with your father keke