Sunday, July 15, 2007

TheAgora @ Penang

Thinking In Action: The experimental seed of Agora @ Penang has just been planted!! We'd pray for reflective action in the context of church and mission for Steven, Yew Kong and Joanne would bless many other young believers in the city.

Come join us at our inaugural meeting - this is strictly by invitation only as we are trying out the concept here in beautiful Penang and the venue has limited seatings. If you are interested to join us, do email us at "scheekeong at gmail dot com" to request for an invitation!!

Date: 12 August 2007
Time: 5pm
Venue: FES Office, Penang (map to be provided later)
Topic: The Gospel and the tasks of the Church
Facilitator: Yew Kong

The topic seems relevant to keropoklekor's questions here:

1) What is the Gospel, Salvation, Faith and Evangelism? And where does it stand in priority compared to other tenets of the evangelical faith?

2) What is the content of this "Gospel"? The 4 spiritual laws? The 10 commandments? The "Story"? The Proclamation of the Kingdom? Jesus Christ? The Trinity?

2) What is a framework of evangelism that can be practically adopted by the christian community, taking into the account the different levels of commitment towards evangelism? How do we determine whether a community of faith is doing well in evangelism? How do we measure our effectiveness? How can we improve our effectiveness?

Maybe KeropokLekor may wanna join Wesley to start an AGora Australia-NZ? :D


Sze Zeng said...

I'm so excited to see this realized. Hope i can be there at that time. So far 12 August, i am free.

enn@j said...

great :) see u soon!

Chang Wei Hao said...

With Kar Yong, I wish Agora Penang every success and may you have a very fruitful meeting.

Hopefully when we come together to learn and act as little platoons of truth and mercy, we can keep the flame burning better than alone.

Desire to learn as a community is more important than quantity.

If you know anyone interested to connect with some lonely "secret agents" now residing in kuching, ipoh and melaka, do let me know ok? :)

mark said...

Hi Guys! My wife and i are blessed to be coming to Penang next month for 10 days from Australia. We have done mission work in India as part of an evangelical team of our local church here at home and would like to find some work for Jesus in your country this trip.We are in our late 40's, bible college students and committed Christian who would love to bring the Word of God to Malaysian peoples of all ages, particularly orphans, the homeless and the elderly, can you help us please?

Hedonese said...

Come visit us at

Can talk more