Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Open Source Mission

Open Source Mission is a global initiative to make gospel centered resources accessible to the non-English speaking world. We accomplish this mission by translating contemporary Christian books and articles from English into a number of foreign languages by leveraging the power of mass collaboration.

We believe that having access to biblically sound resources is a strategically important need for the non-Western church. We have an opportunity to bridge the translation gap and make these resources available in various languages.

We invite you learn more about OSM and join our initiative. Contact us at hedonese at yahoo dot com


keropok lekor said...

Wow! Am excited with it!

Kum Meng & Mako said...

Hi Agora author,

Well done, this is a cool blog. Keep it up.

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Dave Chang said...

Thanks bro, for the heads-up! I go to delete those spam posts once in a while :)

ivbsav said...

Banyak artikel kristiani yang hebat, banyak kontributor berkompetensi tinggi yang siap membantu!