Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The majesty of Mulu: Beyond the caves

Shirene Chen, a member of the Total Truth learning community, shared about her wondrous encounter with the Mulu Caves in Malaysiakini.

"I understood the meaning of “web of life” in the many instances that I had caught glimpses of how every thing, down to the cockroach and guano, has a purpose and a place beyond its sole existence that is designed to proliferate and support the life of other living beings. I had spent many moments marvelling incredulously at the intelligent design that is built into every biological system in the jungle and I promise myself that the next time that I come to Mulu, I will not bother to climb any mountains but will just devote time to discovering the thinly veiled secret designs of this abundant, amazing web of life.

And I am feeling absolutely proud that Malaysia has safeguarded this wonderful
showcase of creation so well."

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