Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Website on English Puritan Meditation

Meditation stands between the two ordinances of reading and praying,
as the grand improver of the former and the high quickener of the latter. (Nathaniel Ranew)

What do 16th and 17th century English Puritans have to do with 21st century Christians in the marketplace? Well, for one thing, they teach us how to meditate. Amy Gant's new website, introduced by a friend of mine, is a great resource for recovering a lost but sorely needed spiritual discipline.


dave said...

thanks for sharing tis, Edwyn :)
Amy Gant sounds a lot like Amy Grant, the contemporary christian singer... i almost flipped!

That's a fresh insight since protestants generally have lost the art of spiritual disciplines and have to import them from other traditions...

Cafe24 Introduction said...

The new website is nice and cool. :) Did you use a site builder for making that new website?