Friday, March 30, 2007

In Memory Of Mr Kirton

I first fell in love with theology while working at Evangel Bookstore, SS2. It is here that I found books by Schaeffer, CS Lewis, Sproul, Lloyd Jones through Martin, Rodney, Jacob etc. and learnt that for Evangel, the primary mission is to serve the church through literature, not profit.

So I consider myself deeply indebted to the legacy of this ministry, founded by Mr Eric Kirton and several other stakeholders. He peacefully passed into God's rest on March 24, 2007.

I will miss his witty interviews with Klang Valley Bible Conference speakers like what he had done with luminaries like Carson, Chris Wright and others. Last year's event is somewhat meaningful, looking back now, when he took special effort to invite the organisers of KVBC, who had labored behind the scenes, to step up and share the centerstage. He ran a good race, and passed the baton...

If you have a fond memory of Mr Eric Kirton to share, please send them to and check out this website that celebrates the legacy and life of this missionary/servant of the Lord.


jacksons said...

I spent a year working at Evangel, at a transitional time in my life, where my career path was not clear to me. During this time, I was a fiery, over zealous holier-than-thou Pentecostal and Mr. Kirton really had to adapt to be able to relate to me. I remember him very patiently, trying to reason with me about missing one Sunday service (in my legalistic church, missing a Sunday service was literally putting something else before God!) to attend the Evangel annual retreat – and when I finally gave in to his voice of reason, I would later thank God I went for that Retreat. I was with Mr. Kirton and the Evangel family up in Frasier’s hill and we were singing hymns and expounding scriptures – and my perception of worship was transformed from that day and eventually led me to become a moderate thinking Presbyterian instead.

During my time in Evangel, I was greatly impressed and influenced by the example ship and integrity of my supervisor, Jacob. When I one day told Jacob how much working with him has changed my life, he told me that Mr. Kirton did the same for him, and the years he has spent working under Mr. Kirton has left a great impression on him as well. Jacob recounted to me examples and anecdotes like watching Mr. Kirton get on his knees and use his bare hands to clear on a clogged drain outside the dusty old store in KL and other great examples of servanthood. Looking back on those times, it was a golden moment of discipleship and laborers in God’s working to supply good books to the local church.

I thank God for the godly people I have met along the way like Mr. Kirton.

Chang said...

Thanks for sharing how Mr Kirton's life has blessed yours bro... May his example spur us on to live our lives well too