Friday, March 02, 2007

Amazing Grace

With the launch of the movie Amazing Grace , evangelicals wud hopefully catch a vision of how the power of the gospel transformed the world. The great abolitionist William Wilberforce showed us that faith is not escapism, but a great force of liberation.

Here is how you can be an agent of change in your own circle of influence...

"During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, William Wilberforce and many of his friends resided in Clapham, England — a neighborhood within the city limits of London. In addition to leading the fight for abolition, this group of friends frequently gathered together to discuss the importance of reforming society as a whole. They also contributed to many worthy causes such as aiding the poor and preventing animal cruelty.

What did the Clapham group accomplish? Here’s a short list:

Started or participated in 69 different charities;
Created the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals;
Created the Society of the Betterment of the Poor;
Organized and distributed petitions to abolish African slavery;
Transformed and led the discussion on social reform in England.

What neighborhood do you live in? Who are your friends? What issues are you passionate about?

As the Clapham group demonstrates, when people work together to discuss social justice, much can be accomplished. Not only did this group play a pivotal role in the abolition of slavery, but they enacted many reforms to improve British society as a whole. Instituting a modern day Clapham Circle network is an important part of The Amazing Change Campaign.

It is easy to create a Clapham Circle. Start by getting together with a group of friends or neighbors once or twice a month to discuss slavery and other important social justice issues...

After facilitating discussion within your Circle, the next step is to find ways to turn your discussions into community action. Organize a volunteer activity for the members of your circle, encourage members to sign The Petition to End Modern Day Slavery, and join with other Clapham Circles to raise funds for the anti-slavery cause. You can also check our online community to find Clapham Circles in your area that you can join.

Are you already part of a group that gathers to discuss issues of social justice? Contact us at if you want to align your group with our national Clapham Circle network!

Join This Campaign To Carry Out Wilberforce's Vision of Mercy and Justice TODAY.

PS:Dun have friends? join the Agora lor...

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