Tuesday, October 03, 2006

There is not a single kilobyte of which Christ…

Have you heard of Flickr, Myspace or Wikipedia? Have you been hearing talk about a new internet revolution labeled Web 2.0? I spoke briefly in the past about the underlying philosophy of this phenomenon here. If we look past the media hype we (as Christians) are challenged with generation Y and the preceding generations that are the first generations to have grown up with the internet, PC and this technology driven reality we find ourselves in, and thus besides posing a challenge to church.

Will we keep whining about the dehumanization of technology and wishing for the good-old-days, or will we adapt to these irreversible changes and find ways to influence and utilize it for Christ, so that we can boldly say that there is not a single kilobyte of which Christ does not say, “Mine”.

Here is an excellent introduction on the phenomenon of Web 2.0 posted on one of my favorite blogs, ChurchMarketingSucks.com. While you are there, do check out their reviews on the technology scene and its implications on Christianity, though its made for the US settings, some of the advice can apply to us here in Malaysia as well.

What Web 2.0 Means for Your Church
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Web 2.0 is the latest rage. It's on the cover of Newsweek and everyone is speculating if it's the revenge of the dot com boom.

This is the beginning of an multi-part series on web. 2.0 and what it could mean for the church.

Read the full article here.

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alwyn said...

have printed it, will read the full piece soon...i love all these 'what next' scenarios! :>)