Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mind The Gap

A few Sundays ago, I fetched a young gradruate to a Logos Presbyterian Chinese church mission conference... He is a multimedia grad and now working for a M'sian film production - doing some special effects.

He has been to another church for years but out of action for many months. But he decided to come back, after awhile he shared why he considered to leave his home church....

Apparently he was told by well-meaning bros and sis that there are three jobs christians should not do...

1) Politicians - bcos its dirty
2) Lawyers - bcos of the temptation of money
3) Artists - bcos it's worldly and spiritually dangerous to be in that business and it doesn't help that my friend's company is now producing another Malaysian horror flick! :D

And He shared something very telling which described many christian grads...

"I felt like two persons when in church and when at work (something I love and enjoy but I dun consider it ministry)... I put on a mask when in church which frowns at
my work, and when I go to work, happily cracking away at my craft, I feel unspiritual or dishonoring God..."

A split personality or schizophrenic Christianity is often wat the laity struggles with if we do not integrate faith and work.

This is also something I struggle with in my own life as well... Considering how most of our life is in the marketplace, imagine how crucial it is that we have a theology of vocation for laity in the marketplace.

I highly recommend the Lausanne Marketplace ministry 'suggestion for action' here as written by Gordon Preece, Tony and Siew Li (Kairos).

Who knows? Maybe there's a Van Gogh in ur church whose life and sanity depends on it. Oh ya, here is a FUN video clip of the recent GCF/iBridge Camp at Bkt Tinggi. To join the iBridge movement, click here

Something creative (Malaysian Idol Daniel's MTV) done with some MMU/CDPC students Way to go, fellas!

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