Sunday, October 08, 2006

Homosexuality, are Christians wrong again?

Homosexuality, are Christians wrong again?

NTV7 Edisi Siasat featured a story on “Gay Coming Out” where they interviewed Ouyang whom I have been told claimed;

“people misinterpret the bible in the past. He brought out the examples of how people justify slavery using the Bible”

The argument that the current Christian position on homosexuality could be a misinterpretation like the misinterpretation of those who used biblical text to justify slavery is a fallacy we call the law of undistributed equals. Ravi Zacharias describes it like this;

Elephants have ears
People have ears

So people and elephants are the same thing

Do you see the problem? Just because 2 things may have one or more similarities, its still does not make them one in the same thing.

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