Saturday, August 20, 2005

Coming Soon..

All fired-up after coming back from RZIM conference.. The Agora will be presenting a series of discussions for 'normal folks' like ourselves to get a handle on some of the issues facing the Christian church today.

(Open to public)

18 Sept - Leon (Science 101)

2 Oct - Steven Sim (Buddhism 101)

16 Oct - David Ting (Islam 101)

6 Nov - Han Meng (Atheism 101)

20 Nov - 2 Oct - John Chung (Sexual Issues 101)

Venue: City Discipleship Presbyterian Church ( Location Map )
Time: 1.45 pm

Disclaimer: "We're not formally trained. But we'd do our best" (Mr William Hung)

To confirm seating: Contact


Mejlina Tjoa said...

Great. Would be good if you guys can keep the summarized notes and make them available for the rest of Agora members who are not attending. We ought to keep an eye of what is going on in the world and have God's wisdom to understand the true meaning of all the phenomena we see. May God grant mercy to young generation like us.

The Hedonese said...

Sure thing! Our past discussions were 'documented' in the archives of the Agora blog.

Coming soon... The Da Vinci Code powerpoint slides...

Anonymous said...