Monday, August 08, 2005

The Agora meets Ravi Zacharias!

The Agora meets Ravi Zacharias!


Anonymous said...

its really exciting to read about your work and the new ministry!

its pretty rare to hear of people who are "fundamental" and at the same time so on fire for the Lord and especially if that person is a guy.. at least probably that's the case in singapore.

i am so encouraged by the young crowd who attend rev Tong's meetings and i see a good number of guys as well. Praise God for the raising up leaders like yourself in KL!

Sivin Kit said...

cool .. I can "foresee" the future hair colour of the Agora members :-)

The Hedonese said...

Woo-hoo! The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness. (Prov 16.31)