Sunday, January 02, 2005

Who Are We?

Who are we?

"The Agora Movement seeks to train laypeople in the marketplace to live out and proclaim the lordship of Christ over the whole of life."


As a grassroot movement, the Agora seeks to encourage Christians in Malaysia to develop a robust and biblical worldview in which we fulfill our different vocations in the public square.

The church in Malaysia faces contemporary challenges to her life and mission in areas such as ethics, modern science, religious pluralism, church-state relations, culture, relativism, economics etc.

Like the Greek market place where citizens could meet to discuss important topics, the Agora was set up in 2004 by a motley crew of evangelicals to facilitate open dialogue and reflection as a learning community.

Our Ethos And Values

We are evangelical in that we believe the Bible is trustworthy and reliable, and Jesus is the only way for sinners to be reconciled with God.

We welcome discerning laypeople to work together in a multidisciplinary sharing to cross-pollinate ideas and contribute towards loving the Lord with all our minds.

We are not scholars, though we diligently draw upon scholarly resources.

We have a bias towards using simple, understandable language in our conversations.

We do not issue theological 'fatwas', but we do hope to bring out issues into open dialogue, even debate, in a spirit of love and respect.

We have a bias towards evangelism and translating theology into practice (praxis).

If you feel a kindred spirit, please feel free to drop a comment or contact us at

PS: I penned these random thots after feeling the need to be able to tell others what Agora is all about in less than 2 minutes. Please feedback and critique using the comments below and I'd make the amendments later.

How about 30 Jan (after church) for the next Agora? Han Meng will present stg on relativism...


Anonymous said...

i think the proposal is timely and relevant,
especially to lay-people like me. is the group open to
ppl outside your church? what will be the commitment
and arrangement like? whatever it is, i'm interested
and hope to be in if things do work out.

Ambassador M said...

Basically captures most of the characteristics of the agora. We may want to include sharing resources.How about "truth lover"? We love and serious about truth rite?

The Hedonese said...

I reaped this from James Daniel of Ibridge fame abt needs to young grads in Msia.

a. Some are tired of the so-call rat race mentality in the working world which includes office politics, stabbing on one another in order to go up....
b. The non-stop quest for materialism that is being propogated
c. the cultural shock from a student to a working world
d. Relating to parents once working
e. Finding a meaning in the everyday living and the busyness of work
f. The purpose of work
g. Finding real friends, making a difference in life.

jacksons said...

I have a problem with this statement: "We are not an evangelistic society, though we have a missional focus in all we do." - the problem today is that every Tom, Dick and Harry is "missional" and the word has really lost it's meaning. I thought at the conception of the Agora, evangelism was a key activity? (though not the dominant or singular activity). Also, what about the practical service aspect, will the Agora get it's hands dirty?

The Hedonese said...

OK, good feedback... Leon, how would you phrase the idea? Also, maybe you can draft something on the action part...

basically I am uncomfy with the impression that "The agora" is the 'evangelistic department' of CDPC... I think evangelism comes as one of the aspects of "living under the Lordship of Christ"...

jacksons said...

Dave, maybe we can use the STR motto in 2, the ambassador idea. I just wish that you incorporate in this that we want to engage our world, by first being (spirituality), then thinking alone and together, then relating, modeling and acting out in love (social and evangelism). This seems holistic to me. But if the intention was not holistic, but to specialize in one are, by all means do.