Wednesday, January 19, 2005


The Jackson's are going to have a boy

Well at least that's what our doctor who harrased the little guy with an ultrasound says. And we have decided to call him "Christian" for that name for us captures all that we wish and hope and dream him to be. He may end up a grabage man or a politician, that matters little, what matters most is that he be a follower of Christ, and a testimony to His name.

Also Steven pointed out that this name will mean that he gets to read the Pilgrim's Progress in wonder that the lead characther has his name.


Ambassador M said...

Does it mean your mum still possess the gift of prophecy
and ceasationists are wrong? :) Congrates bro!

The Hedonese said...

Congratulations to both Leon and Alicia!

And his Chinese name shall be called "Kei Tok Tou"? hehe

jacksons said...
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