Monday, January 31, 2005

Ambassadors For Christ Workshop

We're exploring the possiblity of starting a 2-day workshop in Melaka. If we can round up 4 or 5 people over a weekend, we'd just do it! Or else, we experiment with day trip first.

“Ambassadors for Christ” workshop

Venue: Dunno Yet
Time: 21 - 22 May (weekend)
Fees: RM10?

Heheh… actually I dun mind FOC but maybe if it costs something, people are not so keen to ‘fong fei kei’?

Suggested Topics:
Essential Skills of an ambassador **
“Is Truth Ice-cream? Is Faith Wishing?” **
What about other religions? **
Tactics to Defending the Faith
The Bible: has God spoken?
Why I’m not an Evolutionist?

** highly recommended topics

It’s probably 40 minutes of listening to an audio presentation by Greg Koukl… followed by interaction, hopefully lots of laughter, questions and discussions…


Anonymous said...

Interested in your "informal, simple-language 'training' + 'conversation' designed to help us to be warm-hearted and reasonable ambassadors for Christ in our office or classroom".

May be helpful to some of my chuch youths... Can I have some details about what's going on for the training?

The Hedonese said...

Hey! We're still at experimental stage... basically we're trying our some training materials from which i think is fantastic, that wud probably take 20 mins plus then it'd be interaction and role-playing... we have a certification exam also for the hardcore fellas.. heheh...

Anonymous said...

Got 5 interested people so far! We'd see how it goes... Keep ur fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

Would the course be focusing specifically on apologetics per se, or would it cover a broader perspective on marketplace ministry?

Personally, I'd prefer the latter, with more applications on the integration of work as worship.

Early May would be better (that's a personal preference... *Smiles*)

Work with Kairos is something we can consider in the medium-term.

Perhaps, we should start spreading the word slowly and see how things develop over the near-term.

The drawback of a big group would be the risk of losing the 'interactive' mode of our discussion last Sunday and evolve into a 'forum/panel discussion' mode instead.

Great stuffs! Thanks again. (J)

jacksons said...

Sounds great, but I can't go. :( Christian (my son) is due in May so I can't go anywhere.