Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Movement

There is an emerging consensus and clearer vision of what we want to achieve as a group.

Who are we? The Agora is a learning community that trains ambassadors for Christ to reach out in the marketplace with a biblical worldview.

We are experimenting with the team dynamics using this format:
Each meeting, someone takes turn to share on a relevant topic, while the rest would be free to probe, question and seek clarity in a spirit of humility and respect. There is spontaneity in the flow of ideas, yet we are disciplined and intentional by having a specific topic in mind.

Leon also proposed to have a ‘ministry’ session after each month, which would make use of the research done in the preceding weeks. For example, some members may study a given topic i.e. canon, historical reliability of gospels, historical Jesus. At the end, they would be subject matter experts to give a ‘public’ presentation on Da Vinci Code (ministry).

David Ting, our appointed worship leader, has done a wonderful job with teaching us hymns. We may want to add a musical instrument in the future.

To The Work!

The inaugural presentation was given by Leon, discussing the need for balance (holding truths in tension) and different types of abnormal spirituality in the Church. It was well prepared, delivered with attractive Power point slides.

The activist is busy as a bumble bee, but unreflective about why and wherefores. The ivory-tower scholar is big in the head, but cold in heart and hands. The overfed Christian who lacks exercise or practice is likened to a big belly. We need a biblical vision of spirituality that worships God in both spirit and truth.

The presentation serves as a platform to explore different issues as well.

We had an honest discussion on the difficult doctrine of hell, and the emotional struggle that first-generation Christians often grapple with. Hopefully, Agora would be a safe place to explore our personal doubts. Chee Yen also gave us an informal tour de force on Leo Tolstoy, the novelist and mystic.

Han Meng expressed interest in learning basic Christian doctrines, so that we would know what we believe. It could also be a suitable entry-level for other people in the church.

Pastor Wong suggested teaching materials from All Soul’s Church, which contain topics like the Bible, Jesus, man, eschatology etc. He also shared with us the encouraging development in CWM where evangelicals are becoming bolder to engage the wider body of Christ. There is also a model we can emulate that brings real-life issues in marketplace for theological reflection, and then put these principles to test in the marketplace as a continuous cycle of improvement and learning.

Several things we may want to explore as relevant topics in the future:
• Evangelism
• Share resources
• Basic Christian doctrines
• Training
• Christian worldview
• Share struggles and doubts


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog recently (being linked from Pastor Sivin's blog) and am keen to find out more about the Agora Movement which you described
recently. The vision to align disciples to work for His glory in the marketplace is most apt at this time.

The Hedonese said...

Welcome, friend! We must get in touch, and network... It's amazing how God is bringing different people who share similar burden and passion together... Let's talk more at