Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bat Cave


Ambassador Basic Curriculum (3 sets) – Greg Koukl (CD)
STR radio shows – Greg Koukl (CD)
Can Man Live Without God? (audio)
Leon’s Library (3 CDs)
Introduction to Old Testament – Bruce Waltke (12 audio tapes)
IVP Reference Collection (CD – dictionaries on NT scholarship)
Jesus Film – Campus Crusade

1. Survey of OT (Gleason Archer)
2. Toward an OT Theology (Walter Kaiser)
3. OT Introduction (Schmidt)
4. Abortion (RC Sproul)
5. Lord Of The Rings trilogy (Tolkien)
6. Gospel of John (Barclay)
7. For All God’s Worth (NT Wright)
8. The God Who Risks (John Sanders)
9. Christ In the Judges (Paul Tan)
10. Evangelical Theology (AA Hodge)
11. Third World Theologies (Abraham)
12. Third World Liberation Theologies: Survey (Ferm)
13. Liberating Life (Birch etc)
14. The Doctrine of God (Herman Bavinck)
15. Continuity and Discontinuity – Relationship between OT and NT (Feinberg ed.)
16. 4 Noble truths (Sumedho)
17. Gospel of John (Tyndale series - Tasker)
18. Parables of Peanuts (Short)
19. From God to Us – How we got the bible? (Norman Geisler & Nix)
20. Where is God when it hurts? (Philip Yancey)
21. Relativism (Greg Koukl)
22. Closing of the American Mind (Allan Bloom)
23. Love God with all your mind (JP Moreland)
24. The Holiness of God (RC Sproul)
25. Essay concerning Human understanding (Locke)
26. Gagging of God (DA Carson)
27. Systematic Theology (Louis Berkhof)
28. Heroes of the faith
29. Lotus and the Cross (Ravi Zacharias)
30. Sense and Sensuality (Ravi Zacharias)
31. Can Man Live Without God (Ravi Zacharias)
32. Shattered Visage (Ravi Zacharias)
33. Grace Unknown (RC Sproul)
34. Doing Responsive Theology (Kam Weng)
35. Reasons to believe (RC Sproul)
36. Willing To Believe (RC Sproul)
37. Boy Meets Girl (Joshua Harris)
38. New Bible Commentary
39. Sit, Walk, Stand (Watchman Nee)
40. Art and the Bible (Francis Schaeffer)
41. The Shorter Catechism explained (Thomas Vincent)
42. Origin of Species (Charles Darwin)
43. Knowing God (JI Packer)
44. God of Stones and Spiders (Chuck Colson)
45. The Sovereignty of God (ArthurPink)
46. Gospel according to Jesus (John McArthur)
47. Reaching out without dumbing down (Marva Dawn)
48. How to read the bible for all its worth (Gordon Fee and Stuart)
49. God in the dark (Os Guinness)
50. Galatians (John Stott – commentary)
51. Chinese Tradition and Beliefs (Daniel Tong)
52. Analects – Confucius
53. Early Christian Lives
54. Art of War (Sun Tzu)
55. Engaging Unbelief (Chang)
56. Discovery of Genesis (Kang/Nelson)
57. Time for truth (Os Guinness)
58. Ceritalah – Malaysia in Transition (Karim Raslan)
59. The Other Malaysia – Farish Noor
60. Scripture and Truth (Carson and Woodbridge)
61. Classical Apologetics – Sproul etc
62. Faith and Reason – Gerstner
63. Predestination and Freewill (4 views)
64. Apologetics to the Glory of God (John Frame)
65. Contact (Carl Sagan)
66. Alleged discrepancies of the Bible (Haley)
67. Answers & Reasons (Josh McDowell etc)
68. Be a People Person (John Maxwell)
69. God Centered Evangelism (Kuiper)
70. NT Documents (FF Bruce)
71. Letters to the Corinthians (William Barclay)
72. True Spirituality (Francis Schaeffer)
73. Christian Manifesto (Francis Schaeffer)
74. Feeding on Ashes (Daniel Chua)
75. Evangelicalism and the future of Christianity (Alister McGrath)
76. Karl Barth & Evangelicalism (Bolich)
77. Freedom of religion in Malaysia (Lee Min CHoon)
78. Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu)
79. In Defence of … (Catholic research center)
80. Great Dialogues of Plato
81. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (Solzhenitsyn)
82. Abolition of Man (CS Lewis)
83. Great Divorce (CS Lewis)
84. Miracles (CS Lewis)
85. Confessions (Augustine)
86. City of God (Augustine)
87. Fear and Trembling (Soren Kierkegaard)
88. Sickness unto Death (Soren Kierkegaard)
89. Early Christian Writings
90. The Twilight of the idols/The Antichrist (Nietzsche)
91. Love: Foundation of Hope (Moltmann)
92. George Verwer trilogy
93. Francis Schaeffer trilogy
94. Baptism and Fulness (John Stott)
95. Sermon on the Mount (DA Carson)
96. James and Peter (William Barclay)
97. Cross of Jesus (Leon Morris)
98. Gospel and Wisdom
99. What about other faiths? (Martin Goldsmith)
100. The best of Martyn Lloyd Jones
101. Screwtape letters – CS Lewis
102. Fundamentalism and the Word of God - Packer
103. Celebration of Disciplines – Richard Foster
104. Can I really Believe? (Howard Vos)
105. Sophie’s World
106. Hard Sayings of Jesus (FF Bruce)
107. In but not of – Hugh Hewitt
108. God Transcendent – JG Machen
109. Normal Christian Life – Watchman Nee
110. Your Eternal Reward – Erwin Lutzer
111. Dangerous Duty Of Delight (John Piper)
112. No Wonder they call Him Saviour (Max Lucado)
113. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (Philip Yancey etc)
114. World Dominion – Reconstructionism (Peter Masters)
115. Discipline or Shame? (Wong Fong Yang)
116. The Confession of Faith (AA Hodge)
117. Future Grace (John Piper)
118. Let the nations be glad (John Piper)
119. Desiring God (John Piper)
120. Pleasures of God (John Piper)
121. Justification of God (John Piper)
122. Hunger for God (John Piper)
123. Pleasures Evermore (John Piper)
124. Creating God in the Image of Man (Norman Geisler)
125. Beyond the Bound (John Piper)
126. Godward Life (John Piper)
127. Don’t waste your life (John Piper)
128. Counted Righteous in Christ (John Piper)
129. Supremacy of God in preaching (John Piper)
130. The Wounded Healer (Henri Nouwen)
131. Freedom of the will (Jonathan Edwards)
132. Calvin’s Institutes (abridged by Timothy Tow)
133. Apostles’ doctrine of atonement (Smeaton)
134. God’s ultimate purpose (Lloyd Jones on Ephesians)
135. Theology of Reformers (Timothy George)
136. Why I am A Christian (Norman Geisler etc)
137. Justification (Buchanan)
138. The Last days according to Jesus (RC Sproul)
139. God’s passion for his glory (John Piper)
140. Collected Writings of John Murray (volume 1, 2, 4)
141. Still Sovereign (Tom Schreiner/Bruce Ware)
142. The New Bible Dictionary (Douglas)
143. Mere Christianity (CS Lewis)
144. Truth Decay (Groothius)
145. Predestination (Gordon Clark)
146. Letters and Papers from the prison – Dietrich Bonhoeffer
147. Lectures on Calvinism – Abraham Kuyper
148. The Evangelical Left (Erickson)
149. 5 Views on Apologetics (Gundry etc)
150. Not a Chance (RC Sproul)
151. God, Freedom and Evil – Alvin Plantinga
152. Defense of the Faith – Cornelius Van Til
153. Philosophy (Brown)
154. Will the Real Jesus Please stand up? Paul Copan
155. Concerts of Prayer (David Bryant)
156. The church at the end of the 20th century (Francis Schaeffer)
157. Historical Reliability of the Gospels (Craig Blomberg)
158. Dispensationalism (Charles Ryrie)
159. Scaling the Secular City (Moreland)
160. Gods that fail (Vinoth Ramachandra)
161. Between Friends (Marvin Wong)
162. Mangoes or Bananas? (Hwa Yung)
163. Christian Ethics (Ismail Faruqi)
164. Surprised by Suffering (RC Sproul)
165. Creator and Cosmos (Hugh Ross)
166. A brief history of time (Stephen Hawking)
167. The Call (Os Guinness)
168. Consequences of Ideas (RC Sproul)
169. God in the Wasteland (David Wells)
170. No place for truth (David Wells)
171. The great evangelical disaster – Francis Schaeffer
172. Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts – Max Turner
173. Sharing the truth in love -Ajith Fernando
174. The word of God and the mind of man – Ronald Nash
175. Biblical Inspiration (Howard Marshall)
176. Spiritual Discipleship (John Sanders)
177. Millenial Maze (Stanley Grenz)
178. Is there a meaning in this? (Kevin Vanhoozer)
179. Boasting (Simon Gathercole)
180. Jesus & Victory of God (NT Wright)
181. NT & People of God (NT Wright)
182. Systematic Theology (Wayne Grudem)
183. Foundations of contemporary interpretation (Moises Silva)
184. Justification reader (Tom Oden)
185. History of Christian thought (Tony Lane)
186. Kingdom of cults (Walter Martin)
187. Paul, Apostle of god’s glory (Tom Schreiner)
188. How now shall we live? (Chuck Colson)
189. Introduction to NT (DA Carson etc)
190. The Quran
191. The Gospel of Barnabas
192. Keep in step with Spirit (JI Packer)
193. God has many names (Hicks)
194. Kept by the power of God (Howard Marshall)
195. OT and Criticism (Amerding)
196. NT Interpretation (Howard Marshall)
197. NT Exposition (Liefeld)
198. Biblical Exegesis in Apostolic period (Longenecker)
199. Authority of OT (Bright)
200. Case for existence of God (Thompson)
201. Gnostic Gospel (Elaine Pagels)
202. Living in Sin (Spong)
203. Bible and modern science (Leon Morris)
204. Sex and Christian (Lewis Smedes)
205. Scientology (Ron Hubbard)
206. Easter Enigma (Wenham)
207. Principles of human knowledge (Berkeley)
208. Pensees (Pascal)
209. No Exit (Jean Paul Sartre)
210. Ecce Homo (Nietzsche)
211. Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzsche)
212. Social Contract (Rousseau)
213. Political Writings (Locke)
214. Thus Spake Zarathrustra (Nietzsche)
215. Live Forever (Watchtower)
216. Church on the Other Side (Brian McLaren)
217. Finding Faith (Brian McLaren)
218. Caligula (Albert Camus)
219. Following Jesus (NT Wright)
220. Complete Fairy tales -George McDonald
221. Ethics for Brave New World – Feinbergs
222. Case for God – Peter Williams
223. Clash of Civilizations – Sam Huntington
224. Explaining Your Faith (Alister McGrath)
225. God has spoken (JI Packer)
226. Biography of Hudson Taylor
227. Silmarillion (JRR Tolkien)
228. Redemption Accomplished and Applied – John Murray
229. Dust of Death (Os Guinness)
230. Purpose Driven Church (Rick Warren)
231. Romans (Charles Hodge)
232. Romans (John Stott)
233. Issues Facing Christians Today (John Stott)
234. Scandal of Evangelical Mind (Mark Noll)
235. What Do Presbyterians Believe (Gordon Clark)
236. Grand Demonstration (Jay Adams)
237. Iliad & Odyssey (Homer)
238. Who Was Jesus? (NT Wright)
239. Nausea (Jean Paul Sartre)
240. By Faith Alone (RC Sproul)
241. Hearing God (Dallas Willard)
242. Capitalism and Progress (Goudzwaard)
243. Case for Christ (Lee Strobel)
244. Politics of Jesus (Howard Yoder)Spiritual Man (Watchman Nee)
245. Evangelism & Sovereignty of God (JI Packer)
246. Return of Prodigal Son (Henri Nouwen)
247. Bhagavadgita
248. How Long O Lord? Carson
249. Perfect Revelation & Finality of Christ – Ng Kam Weng
250. Jesus Under Fire- Moreland/Wilkins
251. Evidence for Jesus – RT France
252. Religious Affections – Jonathan Edwards
253. Technopoly – Neil Postman
254. The Castle – Franz Kafka
255. Quest for Reality – Carl Henry
256. NIV Bible Commentary NT and OT
257. Spirit of Hinduism
258. Agony of Deceit (Horton)
259. Christ and the media (Malcolm Muggeridge)
260. Power Evangelism (Wimber)
261. Freedom of religion in Malaysia – Lee Min Choon
262. Hot tub Religion (JI Packer)
263. Search of Self
264. Outlines of Theology (Hodge)
265. Malay Muslims (McAmis)
266. Decline and Fall of Roman Empire (Gibbon)
267. Lure of God (process theism)
268. Book of Mormon
269. Pearl of Great Price
270. Covenant and Doctrines
271. Human Christ (Charlotte Allen)
272. Hermeneutical Spiral (Grant Osborne)
273. Demon Haunted World (Sagan)
274. Cancer Ward (Solzhenitsyn)
275. Kept pure in all ages (Khoo – KJV Only)
276. Paradise Lost (Milton)
277. The Final Quest – Rick Joyner
278. Teaching of Buddha/Buddha & Teachings
279. The Saviour (Benjamin Warfield)
280. Doctrine of Endless Punishment (Shedd)
281. Apocrypha (NAB)
282. Church History (Church of Christ)
283. Matthew Henry Commentary
284. Here and Now (Henri Nouwen)
285. Last Things (Bavinck)
286. Triumph of the Crucified (Sauer)
287. Life and Diary of David Brainerd (Jonathan Edwards)
288. Road to Daybreak (Henri Nouwen)
289. Purpose Driven Life (Rick Warren)
290. Christianity and Liberalism (JG Machen)
291. The meaning of Jesus (NT Wright/Marcus Borg)
292. The Brothers Karamazov – Dostoyevsky
293. Crime and Punishment – Dostoyevsky
294. Prayer – John Bunyan
295. What You Say is What You Get (Don Gossett)
296. The Message (Eugene Peterson)
297. God-Entranced View of All Things (John Piper)
298. When Skeptics Ask – Norman Geisler
299. The Unbearable Heaviness of Philosophy Made Lighter
300. My Utmost for His highest (Oswald Chambers)
301. NIV, CEV, NASB, ESV, LB, Berkeley, NEB, NKJV, KJV, Al-Kitab
302. Jesus: A New Vision (Marcus Borg)
303. Rescuing Bible from Fundamentalism (J.S. Spong)
304. Dead Sea Scrolls (trans)
305. Immanuel (Michael Card)
306. The New Evangelicals (Webber)
307. 20th Century Theology (Grenz/Olson)
308. Jesus - A Revolutionary Biography (Crossan)
309. The Story of Philosophy (Will Durant)
310. Should I get Married? (Blaine Smith)


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Sir, I think you have entirely too much time on your hands! O.o

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Bro, I see you worship Him with your mind as well.Keep up the good work!

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wow...you've read all these books already?...incredible.

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Somehow, this is not what I had in mind for our resource sharing. We must come up with some kind of content management system. I will think of somnething...

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Er... actually I'm more of a book collector than a reader. As 'apostle Richard' once said, use the indexes when the need arises... otherwise let them collect dust!

R Choong said...

Hmmmm...have added Swinburne's mighty tetrad? Anthony Flew the atheist turned Deist named Richard as the most formidable Christian apologist alive today. Check out his Epistemic Justification.