Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sermon Podcast: Discover Your Calling In Life

Now how do we find out what is God’s call for us? What are our spiritual gifts?

Must we hear audible voices from heaven before we know it? This is not something overly difficult or mysterious that only super spiritual Christians can attain.

I’ve found these FIVE simple questions in Gordon Smith’s book “Courage and Calling” to be helpful to discern our Life Calling. The idea is not to get easy formulaic answers that pin down God’s will right away. Your answers may change as you explore and learn more in life, but they are helpful to me, at least, in the process of discerning God’s calling for us.

1) What do you feel joy doing? What is my deepest desire or passion?

2) What are you good at doing? What are my abilities, skills, spiritual gifts, mutant powers?

3) What do you feel are the biggest needs of the people around you?

4) What is your unique personality?

5) What do others in school, family, circle of friends, church community say about me? Is there confirmation from the Body of Christ?
Check out the podcast here and let me know what you think

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