Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Reason For God @Puchong

Do you have thinker friends who ask questions and searching for reasons to believe?
Do you have believer friends who want to address such questions with clear thinking?

CDPC Puchong will organize a series of 6 sessions discussing difficult objections that people have regarding the Christian faith.

1. Isn’t the Bible a Myth?
2. How Can You Say There Is Only One Way to God?
3. What Gives You the Right to Tell Me How to Live My Life?
4. Why Does God Allow Suffering?
5. Why Is the Church Responsible for So Much Injustice?
6. How Can God Be Full of Love and Wrath at the Same Time?

The first session will start on
Date: 13 February 2011 (Sunday),
Time: 12.00 pm
Venue: City Discipleship Presbyterian Church Puchong

Frequency: Once a month
Recommended Reading: The Reason For God by Tim Keller

If you are keen to join the discussion group, please contact David Chong at "hedonese at yahoo dot com"
The discussions will kick off with a 20 minute DVD featuring Keller in conversation with a group of people to address their doubts and objections to Christianity. Captured live and unscripted, Keller and the group explore the truth of Christianity.

The point is not about getting armed with generic arguments and answers, rather to be equipped to become conversant with ways to sensitively, humbly and gently talk about the objections in an informed way in the context of friendship or a group.

The study guides can be downloaded here

With you in finding the reason for hope,

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