Friday, February 12, 2010

Globalisation & The Kingdom Of God

Vinoth Public Forum Announcement World Vision Malaysia & Kairos Research Centre is organising a public forum on "Globalisation & The Kingdom Of God"

Speakers : Dr Vinoth & Karin Ramanchandran

Date : March 1st, 2010 ( Monday )
Time : 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Venue : Ballroom 1 , Corus Hotel , Kuala Lumpur

Attendance is free.

Details are as in the attached file. Please do come and encourage others to do so for a stimulating discussion.

Ng Kam Weng & Liew Tong Ngan

Synopsis of Vinoth Ramanchandran, Subverting Global Myths:

The Global Myths that hold us captive

What myths about terrorism are spread due to lack of historical memory and moral focus?

Why since 9/11 are religions blamed for violent conflicts around the world?

Are human rights self-evident truths, or does protection of rights around the world demand a deeper understanding?

How does liberal talk of multiculturalism mask the way cultural diversity is threatened by forces of secularism and capitalism?

What encourages the divorce of scientific research from moral reflection, with dire consequences for the planet?

Are we trapped between the contradictory stories that we are determined by our genes and that we have an unlimited capacity for redesigning ourselves?

What historical myths lie beyond current thinking about globalization, and how do we free ourselves from ongoing colonial mindsets and practices?

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