Thursday, September 03, 2009

Business as Mission seminar

Date : 12 Sept 2009 SATURDAY
Time : 2.30 – 6.00 pm (followed by fellowship in the coffee shop next door)
Venue : Bandar Puchong Gospel Centre (refer map in the attachment)
Speaker : Mr. Yeoh Seng Eng, Executive Director of Care Channels International Ltd.(Singapore)

"Care Channels International Ltd is a non-profit organization that seeks to help the poor through a holistic approach. Helping the poor is more than a matter of hand-outs. The poor themselves have the potential to grow, to move out of their poverty if given opportunity and training. Ultimately, our aim is for them to become self-sufficient and independent."

Objectives of the seminar

To introduce BAM to Christians leaders, businessmen and professionals
To mobilize the talents in the business field for Great Commission
To share the experience of Care Channels in BAM ministry

Scope of talk

What is BAM? How is it different from tentmaking or traditional missions strategies?

Why is BAM such a special ministry opportunity for businessmen and professionals to fulfill the Great Commission? (e.g. they can utilize their special skills and experience to assist the poor locals, and missionaries in the field to earn a living, to assist the local churches to be financially independent etc.)
Care Channels’ work in China, Timor Leste, Indonesia, Pakistan and Philippines.
Specific examples of how the audience can participate right away. (Giving money is the obvious way. How about personal involvement? Any immediate projects?)

If you are interested to come, please book a seat with Jimmy, GCF (Graduates Christian Fellowship) staff worker at or call 016-4532275. Admission to this talk is absolutely free! However if you wish to give freewill offerings to defray the cost of putting this seminar together, you are most welcome to do so after the seminar. The seminar is limited to only 100 participants.

So please register asap to book your seat.
Note : this seminar is open to Christians only
Dave: Photo courtesy of this website

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