Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thinking Things Through in a Theological Safe Space

Here are some photos from the "God and Science Forum" on 21 Feb 2009. You may check out Ron's sermon on Sunday on "Renewal Of Your Mind". Read more about his ministry here

Thinking Things Through in a Theological Safe Space

ACT is a non-profit organization based in New York City. We provide a climate of inquiry within a sanctuary of doubt that we call a theological safe-space (TSS) for people of good will to encounter the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What Do We Do

1. We address the challenges posed by the sciences and religious pluralism: (1) the role of the sciences to make sense of reality (theological reflection and scientific discovery share a common source in divine disclosure) and (2) its relationship to other religions.

2. We promote interdisciplinary research for a transformative renewal of the mind, to make the message of the Bible relevant to the urgent questions of the day. We consider how the sciences, history, the arts, philosophy and ethics (SHAPE) have influenced our interpretation of the biblical texts as we engage the world of commerce, academia, media, politics and sports (CAMPS) and formulate a worldview by thinking things through, theologically.

3. We develop globally relevant and conceptually holistic discipleship programs. In the sciences, we inquire into methodologies to distinguish science from scientism and evolution from evolutionism. In history, we teach global, rather than Eurocentric Christianity. In the arts, we teach their origins, redemptive power, and nexus to worship. In philosophy, we scrutinize the justification for atheism and agnosticism. In ethics, consider the divine moral command and its implications. In biblical theology, we teach a method of interpretation that engages other religious convictions and scientific inferences while remaining faithful to the confessional integrity of the Bible as a trustworthy, divinely inspired writing of fallible, human effort.

We rebuild the foundations of the Christian Faith first by tearing down weak foundations and rebuilding them. In Ecclesiastes 3:3 - [There is] a time to tear down and a time to build. Sometimes, we base our beliefs on wrong assumptions. We do not notice this until we come face to face with questions our skeptical friends might ask us.

We seek to be a trusted resource for Christian organizations attempting to understand the roles of the natural sciences and philosophy in their ministries.

Let us earn your trust - to be the adoptive authority of choice for both believer or skeptic seeking an informed but humble approach to the human understanding of divine reality.


Steve Martin said...


Great job!

The site looks great as well!

Hedonese said...

Thanks Steve - feel free to share these online resources if they may help anyone, it's free of charge.