Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Malaysia: Moving Towards a 2-Party System?

Excerpt from an article from Catholic Asian News: The Next Elections

The period leading up to the next general election is riddled with uncertainty. The BN will be constantly challenged by the opposition and it will not stand back and sit idly in the face of these challenges. There will be reactions and counter reactions. Other forces will try to fill some of the power vacuum left open by the BN and the opposition, including NGOs as well as the various palaces, at the state and national levels.

As Christians, we have a role to play in shaping the national discourse of what we want our country to look like moving forward. Every person has their role to play in this discourse. Some have fewer responsibilities - such as carrying out the minimal act of registering to vote and then voting come election time.

Others have slightly more - perhaps being relatively well informed about the issues of the day and then being responsible opinion shapers among friends and families. And yet others may be more directly involved in the process as activists in NGOs and other social and religious organisations, or as community leaders, or as journalists, or as pastors and church leaders, or as members of political parties, or perhaps as political leaders at the state or national levels.

In these exciting times of defining what is possible, all we can ask for is to approach our responsibilities with prayer, discernment and diligence. The rest, we place in the hands of God Almighty.

Ong Kian Ming is a PhD Candidate in political science at Duke University. He can be reached at

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