Thursday, June 12, 2008

Now That's A Good Question!

It's always fun to do Question & Answer forums. Also scary as I'm not quick on my feet. Community Baptist Church Sunway kindly invited me again to address the youth group on a low key Friday night (30 May 08) along with two other panelists Elder Beng Tiong and MBS valedictorian Ps Alexa. (nice to catch up with Gary and of course, baby Micah!)

The thing about such forums though is that only soundbytes get through. Try answering the problem of evil or the meaning of life less than 2 minutes. There's so much you wanna say but due to time limit, you could only cover the bare essentials. And there's also the audience of some late secondary schoolers and college students, how do you keep em awake? I didn't get to say half of these prepared notes, so for what it's worth, I decided to share the 'contoh jawapan' here.

Here are some questions that get thrown out, and if you find other ways to answer them, do leave me a comment ok?

Questions That Youths Ask (Part 1)

Questions That Youths Ask (Part 2)

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