Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gospel Translation Vision: Volunteers Welcome

It was not very long ago that Andre and I chatted over breakfast at a restaurant in Subang, outside CDPC. We share common concern about the crying need for theological literacy in the Asian region in a language that is close to their hearts, and the power of collaboration across the internet.

One of the critical success factors I felt was lacking in previous false starts is the buy-in from existing church structures - Who's gonna read these stuffs we translate if the leaders and believers themselves dunno about them? Or dun encourage their people to check it out?

With this video, I am glad and thankful to God that the vision is fast taking shape.. and has bloomed in ways we never imagined. (at least I didn't) And Andre and Andrew Mahr have done a great job getting the folks at Desiring God, Sovereign Grace and 9marks on board. Of course, getting the copyright to resources is overcoming a major hurdel, we still need volunteers from all over the world who catch the vision and willing to chip in.

If that person is you, I want you to lift up your hand. Nobody's watching. All eyes are closed... all heads bowed and the music gently playing. If you are the man or the woman, lift up that hand and type a mail to hedonese at gmail dot com

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