Friday, February 09, 2007

Good to Great

Here's a resource that I think can be useful to anyone in business. Jim Collins, business guru and author of bestselling titles like Good to Great, has a website with lots of good materials including snippets of talks on business and leadership. I especially like a couple of his talks entitled Creating a Pocket of Greatness, Level 5 Evolution and also Work Life Balance for the Level 5 Leader.

If you're in the world of business, you need to check it out.

By the way, Christians just love Jim Collins. In part, it's because of his well received analysis and insights on leadership. There is also something noble about not settling just for good, but pursuing greatness. He has garnered a following among Christians and even brings his wisdom to bear for pastors and churches in this interesting Christianity Today interview.

I really love much of what he says too but I wonder if the model he offers, serves as the proper model for true greatness. I raise the question in this post of Every Square Inch - tell me if you agree.


alwyn said...

one of my company's directors highly recommended it...i think the church can certainly benefit from the best of management thinking now and then, huh?

andre said...


I think there's much to benefit from Good to Great and I love the little mini talks available on Collins' website.

But there are limitations to his model of greatness. We can get great results at work but if we aren't humble, we've missed the mark.

Daud said...

Andre, thanks for sharing it... my company cargill gave me this reading assignment the week i joined, and ya, it seems to have some principles like humility, integrity, consistency etc consonant w a christian worldview :) think i should post a short version of the book at the agora forum later