Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blood Diamond

Globel Witness: "Human rights organisations Amnesty International and Global Witness have today (22 January) called on the diamond industry to make good on its promises to clean up the international diamond trade and ensure that consumers can be sure the gems they buy are not blood diamonds.

The call comes as the film Blood Diamond opens in cinemas all over the UK later this week (1). Amnesty International and Global Witness have launched a new website with information consumers can use to try and ensure any diamond jewellery they buy is conflict-free.

Blood diamonds are gems that have been used by rebel groups to fund armed conflict and civil war. The new blockbuster draws attention to the devastating impact the trade in blood diamonds has had in countries such as Sierra Leone, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where billions of dollars of profits from the sale of diamonds have been used to fuel brutal wars."

WorldVision: Boycotting Diamonds Is Not The Answer. "Before buying diamonds, consumers should ask retailers about their policies on "blood diamonds" and whether they can certify their diamonds are not funding conflict. If such certification cannot be presented, inquire about other retailers who can.

"We want to remind the public, especially during the holiday season, to ask their jeweler about the '5 C's' in diamond buying — color, carat, cut, clarity and conflict."

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