Friday, January 05, 2007

Agora Projects 2007

It doesn't feel like a happy new year yet. Have been hearing too many deaths of godly saints recently. In my sister's church, there had been a faithful member who left us due to cancer/tumor for three consecutive years.

A friend wrote: "God has used all these people to touch various lives. His will and purpose are far more greater than our desires. His ways and thoughts are much
higher than ours. All we can do is submit to His perfect will. Continue to
run the race, and stay faithful."

Only one life that soon will pass,
Only what's done for Christ will last.

We press on and resolved to follow in their well-lived example.

In that spirit, I would like to share some projects we will be doing in collaboration with churches and ministries in the year 2007.

Biblical Preaching Workshop

Soo Inn's Biblical Preaching Workshop will kick off on 20 Jan 2007 (Saturday). We will explore the key facets of preaching from the bible in the 21st century. As a result of taking this seminar, participants will know both the theology of biblical preaching and a methodology for doing it.

For more details
Date: Saturday, January 20th 2007 (Ahwal Muharram)
Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Venue: Antioch Center (Home of Bandar Utama Chapel)

Total Truth Community Learning Initiative

So far, we are extremely encouraged to see the overwhelming response to this initiative in collaboration with OHMSI and churches.

Over the course of 2007, KJ John (First Baptist Church), Kong Beng (Subang Jaya Gospel Center), Fong Yang (City Discipleship Presbyterian) and Phil DeHart (St Andrews Presbyterian) will facilitate a small group each, exploring different dimensions of the Christian faith in relation to politics, science, gender roles, social isssues etc.

The book we will read together and discuss is "Total Truth: Liberating the Church From Cultural Captivity" by Nancey Pearcey, an excellent female evangelical author.

I look forward to see exciting interactions among the groups - a healthy combination of males and females, young and old, participants from different traditions i.e. Mar Thoma, Assembly of God, Methodist, Brethren, Baptists and Presbyterian.

The take-home value, as i see it, is there will be a group of trained Christians who are equipped to integrate their vocations with a Christian worldview and engage the issues of our day in the public square.

For more details
Date: Saturday, January 27th 2007
Time: 9:45 am – 12:00 pm
Venue: City Discipleship Presbyterian Church (Map)

Universiti Malaya PKV: Put On The Mind of Christ

In collaboration with the Christian Fellowship UM, I will also be sharing to a group of students about following Jesus in their areas of studies/research/work next two Fridays. We hope to explore how Jesus himself skillfully and reasonably answered critics, and how He asked questions that open up assumptions and reveal motives.

He is "Lord of universities and research institutes, of the creative disciplines and scholarship". Hopefully seeing Jesus in action, we will have the courage to follow Him in our respective areas of study - be it in law, medical sciences, education etc - integrating faith with life.

Woud covet ur intercessions as I squeeze out some time reading Willard, Moreland, Groothius and Ramsden to prepare these sessions.

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