Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Freedom From Cultural Captivity

Agora, OHMSI and CDPC are co-hosting the above Study of Nancy Pearcey's book called "Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity" for anyone interested. Our target group is all those between 25-40 years of age; although technically there are no age limits.

The Objective of the Study is "to review existing and mainstream worldview
assumptions and to reform our own thinking to evolve a biblical and Christian worldview which will guide us to think and act accordingly."

The Guidelines for the book study are:

1. It is a one year commitment, and the participant is responsible to get your own copy of the book. (contact Hedonese or Canaanland) Prior reading of the Chapter to be discussed is required and there must be a willingness to speak and participate at small group levels. Those who have not read the chapter cannot participate in the discussion. We cannot miss more than one session consecutively to remain in the study. Punctuality is critical, and all are advised to arrive 15 minutes before start time to fellowship.

2. We agree to "wait upon the Lord and pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit" in how the Lord wants to "use us in the public affairs of life" as a direct result and encouragement from the study. As the Lord leads, we will follow through these "actions" as a commitment to the Study Group.

3. Study Group members agree to become part and parcel of the Action Movement portion of the National Congress on Integrity (NCOI) currently jointly organized by OHMSI and GCF.

4. Format for each session:

-10 minute overview by a Speaker and some questions/issues to consider
-60 minutes discussion of the chapter in small groups; and to raise issues which cannot be resolved
-45 minutes of plenary discussion to resolve any unresolved issues from the discussion and wrap up

5. We will all endeavor to start our own similar study group elsewhere upon completion of this study. Also, at about the final sessions (Oct/Nov 07
or Dec/Jan 08), the meet days may be collapsed into a retreat away from KL and
over the weekend to finish well and to focus on any really BIG ISSUES THAT
REMAIN UNRESOLVED. We could even invite other Elders to join us for differing views.

6. Start date is 27th January 2007 and every last Saturday of the month after that for the rest of the year, except if festival holidays coincide.
Start time is 10.00am to finish by 12.00noon. Place is fixed at CDPC
(See Map available at All are encouraged to arrive by 9.45am to fellowship before start time. A "willing and able hunger lunch fellowship" will follow for those interested and can spare the time.

7. Please pray that all those interested and ordained by God will be able,
available and make the commitment to come. God Bless.

Yours because His,
KJ John,


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