Thursday, November 16, 2006

Umno Presidential Address

The following press statement was issued today to the major newspapers. Kindly read through and continue to pray for our country

Press Statement Nov 16, 2006

Malaysian Evangelical Christians Hails

Umno President Presidential Address

NECF Malaysia lauds Umno President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for his firm and assuring statements made while delivering his presidential address at the opening of the 57th Umno General Assembly on Nov. 14.

His statements reflected his sincerity and commitment to his responsibility as the Prime Minister of all Malaysians.

NECF particularly notes and welcomes his specific commitment to:

Firmly act against any group, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, who incites the public with "bogus allegations and fictitious threats";
Reject any demonstration of the "new intolerance";
Strengthen national unity, to promote cooperation and dialogue;
Uphold meritocracy and to promote excellence as the way forward for Malaysia, and "no race should be left behind in terms of educational attainment";
Eradicate poverty regardless of racial background;
Enforce the rule of law in battling against corruption in particular;
Advocate good governance: political leadership should provide "best possible example by displaying honesty, diligence, dedication and commitment"; and
Affirm freedom of expression in rational manner: "a nation should provide channels that enable its people to voice their concerns."
Although his speech was read in his position as the Umno president, NECF deems his message beneficial to all Malaysians as it aims at raising a generation of united and progressive Malaysians who are able to tackle the challenges of a globalising world.

However, NECF regrets the statements made by several Umno leaders, which appear to go against Datuk Seri commitment towards national integration and unity.

Their statements further demonstrate an unhealthy superior attitude by blaming on and unnecessarily issuing warning statements against the people of other races.

NECF notes with deep disappointment their statements that the rights of Malays were being threatened by the other races. Such statements made so publicly are likely to breed resentment in the hearts of our Malay brethren, and is definitely injurious to peaceful race relations in the country.

NECF is also disappointed by some Umno leaders for rejecting the setting up of an Interfaith Commission and discouraging discussion on constitutional provisions.


Prepared and released by NECF Malaysia Secretary-General Rev. Wong Kim Kong, J.M.N. For assistance, please contact Rev. Wong at 016-229 2017.

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